You'll find a sampling of my work below, and you'll learn a bit more about the positions I've held. Think of this page as a resume — just a bit more fun.


Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois, USA
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Salzburg College
Salzburg, Austria, EU


Head Multimedia Specialist

Division of Student Affairs

Illinois State University

August 2017 to present

Normal, Illinois, USA

  • Capture photos and video footage of events for both immediate posting and future publication

  • Collaborate with graphic designer and marketing assistant on marketing campaigns

  • Ensure media meets University graphic and Accessibility standards

  • Write scripts to expedite process of shooting with the Vice President for Student Affairs



"ThankView" Virtual Tour

A video created to share with supporters and alumni of the Division of Student Affairs at Illinois State University.

  • Director | Megan Rolfs

  • Photographer and Editor | Hunter Scott Thomas

"Spartans Win" Animation

A motion graphic created for use as a social media asset during my time as an Events and Communications Specialist with Sycamore Community School District 427.

  • Designed and Animated in Adobe After Effects

"Bloomington Streets" News Package

A news package created during my time as a multimedia journalist with TV10 News at Illinois State University. Shot and edited on deadline.

  • Photographer and Editor | Hunter Scott Thomas

  • Reporter and Writer | Diego Hernandez


"Breaking Bad Making Good" for Mass Media: Cultural Criticism and Problems

"Family, cancer, and methamphetamine. That, essentially, is Breaking Bad. Though of course there is much more to it than that. The television series first aired in 2008 and concluded after five seasons. Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a husband, father, and high school chemistry teacher, who finds out that he has cancer. Unable to afford the necessary treatment on a teacher's salary, Walter turns to his knowledge of chemistry to cook chemically perfect meth and subsequently sells it for profit to provide for his treatment and his family. The drama in Breaking Bad comes from the many obstacles Walter faces as a result of his new line of work. This paper will use Breaking Bad as a basis to explore American culture, as implicit in two scenes specifically and the series generally."

"Mass Notification Upgrade" Voiceover Script

"Sycamore Community School District 427 is excited to announce an upgrade to our mass notification system. In addition to the phone calls and emails you have come to expect, our mass notification system will now be able to send text messages. Specifically, these text message alerts will be used for communications regarding delayed and updated bus information, weather alerts and school closures, important announcements such as "no school" reminders, and emergency information."

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