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Kindergarten Registration Targeted Advertisement

In order to address administrator concerns that kindergarten enrollment for Sycamore Community School District 427 was lesser than previous years, then-Manager for Communications and Community Engagement David Olson proposed a targeted advertisement.

At Olson's request, I produced two versions of a kindergarten registration advertisement. I wrote the voiceover script, compiled stock video footage, and created motion graphics — which I then edited together into one 30-second, and one 45-second advertisement.

Voiceover Script

We placed the advertisement on YouTube, bidding for ages 1-5 and targeting users who searched with keywords: kindergarten classes, kindergarten resources, kindergarten students, teaching kindergarten, kindergarten syllabus, etc. After running from April 5, 2022 through April 23, 2022, the advertisement had:

  • 40,117 impressions

  • 14,734 views (defined as making it to the 30 second mark)

  • 59 clicks

This advertisement represented the primary push to enroll new kindergarten students. And, upon the close of kindergarten enrollment that year, the district had reached the numbers they had hoped for.


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