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New Student IDs Campaign

Sycamore Community School District 427's Transportation Department recently acquired new technology that would allow them to better keep track of when and where students entered and exited buses. In order for this new technology to work, students needed new IDs with RFID chips. Because students were already in possession of "old" IDs — and because IDs had always been used for other activities other than transportation — there was much information to be communicated.

After brainstorming a communications strategy in a Communications Department meeting with Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Lauren Holtz, and Communications Administrative Assistant Jennifer Eifel, I was tasked with developing the copy and creative for a landing page, initial email, and informational video.

Landing Page

I wrote the copy on this landing page and composited the images using Photoshop.

Initial Email

Video Script — Entering and Exiting the Bus with New ID


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