Writing has always been an aspect of education that I enjoy. Through no formal training, I have developed my writing voice and style by practice — and constant review of feedback. More recently, writing has become a part of my job, and I am often called on to draft communications and copyedit those of others.





As an outcome of its location — a predominately white, conservative town — Sycamore Community School District 427 has never been considered progressive. However, as an educational institution, the District's primary responsibility is to its students. This was recently reflected in a statement the District released in regard to their teacher's display of the Black Lives Matter logo and announcing their newly formed "Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Acceptance (IDEA) Committee." Feedback from stakeholders was generally positive — if shocked by the District taking a stand. 

The statement was drafted by Events and Communications Specialist Hunter Scott Thomas; proofed by Communications Manager David Olson; and reviewed by Superintendent Steve Wilder, with minor requests for revision. The IDEA Committee approved the statement to be released.

The accompanying video was written by the IDEA Committee; shot and directed by the High School's television production students; and animated and edited by Events and Communications Specialist Hunter Scott Thomas.


In June of this year, we communicated with you our District’s commitment to continuous improvement by fostering experiences that represent multiple perspectives and acknowledging the importance of diversity as a part of the learning process... READ MORE




This paper was written at Illinois State University for my "Mass Media: Cultural Criticism and Problems" course. The goal was to select a few scenes from a popular television comedy or drama and use class materials to analyze the scenes in terms of what is revealed about the United States culture and values or issues currently relevant to the American people.

THE PAPER | "Breaking Bad Making Good"

Family, cancer, and methamphetamine. That, essentially, is Breaking Bad. Though of course, there is much more to it than that. The television series first aired in 2008 and concluded after five seasons. Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a husband, father, and high school chemistry teacher, who finds out that he has cancer. Unable to afford the necessary treatment on a teacher’s salary, Walter turns to his knowledge of chemistry to cook chemically perfect meth and subsequently sells it for profit to provide for his treatment and his family. The drama in Breaking Bad comes from the many obstacles Walter faces as a result of his new line of work. This paper will use Breaking Bad as a basis to explore American culture, as implicit in two scenes specifically and the series generally... READ MORE

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